CAN-USA Sports Continues Tradition with Muckdogs

by Robbie Nichols

CAN-USA Sports is proud to announce that after much consideration the new Batavia Baseball team will continue to be known as the Batavia Muckdogs.

CAN-USA Sports considered many alternatives to pay homage to the great area of Batavia, but it was in talking with people from the area that showed this area loved its Muckdogs and the name will remain at home in Dwyer Stadium.

CAN-USA Sports owner Robbie Nichols was quick to tell the story “We thought of a bunch of different names, but in speaking to the ownership, city officials, and people of Batavia it became obvious that with a 20 year history and such an amazing following it would be a mistake to try to replace the name.”

The Muckdogs first took the field in 1998 and captured three division titles in 2008, 2010, and in what would be their final season of 2019. Batavia also brought a League title back to Dwyer Stadium in 2008.

Brian Paris, the President of the Genesee County Baseball Club, is excited that the Batavia Muckdogs will continue to use this name and logo. “This familiar and beloved logo will once again be seen at Dwyer Stadium this summer as we welcome back baseball to Batavia. We look forward to seeing everyone at the ball park this summer!”

Nichols was quick to add “This team has a history in name and of winning. We plan to continue to write that history here in Batavia and make Dwyer Stadium the place to be all summer.”

Season Tickets are on sale now! You can call 607-734-7825 or email and reserve your spot at Dwyer Stadium for the first pitch and everyone that follows!