Batavia Muckdogs Announce Diamond Dance Team

The Batavia Muckdogs are proud to announce that there will be in-stadium entertainment this year as Le Beau Salon presents the Diamond Dance Team!

The Diamond Dance team will be featured during the breaks in the ball game showing off their Dance routines and keeping the crowd entertained with their abilities. The Dance Team has been a part of CAN-USA Sports baseball in Elmira and it is a tradition that has been passed down year after year.

CAN-USA Sports owners Robbie and Nellie Nichols are quick to tell the story “We want young people to be engaged at the ball park and giving them an opportunity to be a part of this historic franchise will be a great way to do that. The Diamond Dance team will not only be an avenue for dancers to showcase their talent, but it will also allow parents and family members to see their loved ones perform in front of people in a unique environment.”

The Muckdogs first took the field in 1998 and captured three division titles in 2008, 2010, and in what would be their final season of 2019. Batavia also brought a League title back to Dwyer Stadium in 2008.

The Diamond Dance Team will be managed by KMS Dance Studio and tryout information will be available through KMS. Please reach out to.

Season Tickets are on sale now! You can call 607-734-7825 or email and reserve your spot at Dwyer Stadium for the first pitch and everyone that follows!