Batavia Muckdogs 2022 Season Preview:

Batavia Muckdogs 2022 Season Preview: 

The Batavia Muckdogs are looking to take their hot finish to the 2021 Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League Season into the 2022 campaign. 2021 saw the Muckdogs fall just one game shy of making the playoffs. Batavia had an impressive finish in the month of July ending the season on a high note. Now back better than ever, the Muckdogs look to avenge themselves by writing a much different script in 2022. For skeptics and fans alike, there’s plenty of evidence that 2022 may be the Muckdogs best season yet, chiefly from Coach Joey Martinez himself:

“I’m extremely excited to be bringing back Julian Pichardo, Jerry Reinhart and Tyler Prospero, these guys are going to help set the tone this year for the new guys which is all the more exciting.”

Jerry Reinhart one of the returning players this season for the Muckdogs

The excitement doesn’t stop there:

“Mikey DeStefano is a highly touted Canisius prospect, extremely excited to have him on the team.”

Mikey DeStefano, an exciting prospect added by Batavia for this season

This year’s version of the Muckdogs also have a potential, future MLB draft pick on their hands in Kenny Schaedel,

“Kenny [Schaedel] is a draft pick in waiting, he is talented, has the tool set and skills needed to be successful at the next level, including his body type, demeanor, etc.…. extremely fortunate to have him on our roster this season.”

Kenny Schaedel, another exciting prospect new to the Muckdogs in 2022

Despite the influx of talent, Batavia realizes the path to victory won’t be without resistance:

“Jamestown is a team that you must keep an eye on, we also have to worry about Geneva, they made the playoffs last year, and of course Auburn has a ton of talent. These three playoff teams definitely have targets on their backs.”

Although the PGCBL is loaded with elite teams, Coach Martinez is still confident that 2022 can be a special year for the Muckdogs:

“We have high expectations after missing the playoffs by just one game last year, we expect to be in contention for our division this season. Our roster has been significantly upgraded. I can’t wait for this season to get underway; I wish Opening Day was today!!!!”

Coach Martinez also understands how instrumental the people behind the scenes are:

“The people behind the scenes are amazing, it starts all the way at the top with the Nichols Family, Robbie and Nellie, they are the real heroes behind the scenes.”

Robbie Nichols, Owner of the Muckdogs

Overall, Coach Martinez is excited for the upcoming 2022 version of the Batavia Muckdogs, and while he knows challenges are to be expected, he believes in the core of this team as they embark upon their 2nd PGCBL season,

“We have a squad full of hungry, genuine kids. These players/student athletes have a love, passion and work ethic for this game that is second to none. The 2022 Muckdogs are a team Batavia can be proud of, and we look forward to showing them exactly why this summer.”

Batavians, come see for yourself! Come out and support your Muckdogs, for ticket info, log onto or call (585)-524-2260.